Head: chap mei with leatherneck hat dremeled down ( added epoxy for beard.
Arms: gung ho dress blues
Torso: windchill dremeled down
Crotch: headman
Legs: corps with epoxy shoe and dremeled down leg for peg leg

Harpoon: custom made with fodder

Moby dick: chap mei

One of my most favorite books and story's of all time is Moby Dick. The main character, Captain Ahab is a strange and unique person. Driven mad at the thought of Moby Dick, the white whale.

This was a fun character to make. I really like how I made his peg leg out of his existing leg. It turned out really well. Of course I am most happy with my Moby Dick. Chap mei had a perfect sperm whale in there toy line. After I bought it, I just painted it white and colored in scars red for blood effect.

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