Head, torso - Galoob Unifighters
Arms, waist, legs - Keel-Haul

Pistol - Agent Faces

Hasbro had two big toy properties in the 80s: GI Joe and the Transformers. Over the years that these lines have co-existed, there have been at least 50 character names that were used in both lines. Mirage was a Transformer in 1984, and a Joe in 1993. Grand Slam was a Joe in 1982, and a Transformer in 1988. The list goes on and on, from Blaster to Shockwave to Dogfight to Mainframe, and many more. Seven of these names (Airwave, Barricade, Checkpoint, Longarm, Mainframe, Mirage and Roadlock) were not only used as both Joes and Tranformers, but also for Hasbro's later COPS series of figures. Hasbro may have done this intentionally, since if they already had a trademark for a name used for an action figure, they might have been able to re-use it without having to register another trademark.

At any rate, I like the idea of using Transformers names to make new Joes, taking not just the name but adapting the character's bio and function as well. So this is Broadside, based on the Transformer of the same name, who in the GI Joe universe works in naval intelligence.

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