Head - Big Bear
Arm - Gung-Ho v2
Torso, waist - Windchill
Legs - The Corps! (Lanard)

Pistol - Bombstrike

Larry Hama does not usually name characters lightly, there's often some meaning in them. So when Colonel Chikatilo appeared along with another character called Malyenkiy as (unofficially) part of the Oktober Guard in ARAH issues 173 and 174, you might wonder what their names mean. Malyenkiy means "small" or "little" in Russian, so his name is probably equivalent to calling someone "Tiny." You might assume that Malyenkiy is his surname, but that's not necessarily the case. As for Chikatilo here, the only connection I can make is that there was a notorious Russian serial killer in the 1980s named Andrei Chikatilo. I don't know what Larry was trying to say about the character, but there it is. Chikatilo might also not be a surname, it could be a code name in reference to the killer.

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