Head, arms - Galoob Unifighters
Torso, waist - Action Marine (torso modified)
Legs - Sgt. Stalker v2 (modified)

Carbine, shotgun, cap - Marauder Inc.

I've never liked the concept of "greenshirt" Joes. The Joes are a special ops unit, the best of the best of the best, so having generic troopers without codenames makes no sense. This applies equally to nameless Steel Brigade troopers, so it was great when Hasbro released three Streel Brigade figures with codenames instead of just generic troopers, which makes the Steel Brigade a subteam of the Joes. But of course, ARAH-style versions of the figures are needed.

Based on his filecard, which described him as a "behemoth" and noted that he was the only person to ever defeat Major Barrage in wrestling, I knew my custom version of Checkpoint had to be a big'un. I used some New Sculpt era legs to give him extra height, and the Action Marine torso is very bulky. For longer arms and a large head I used parts from a Galoob Unifighters figure. I had to build out the shoulders with Milliput a bit to make the arms look right. In the end he's nearly as big as my Barrage custom, which is what I was aiming for.

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