VvV SS head
hollowed out Ben Kenobi hoody
Cesspool chest
VvV Wild Bill Arms
Chap Mei ninja gauntlets and hands
Tomax-Xamot thighs (one from each, non gun leg) VvV SS lower legs
Knuckled trench knives-Chap mei

The body for this SS was completely inspired by Hive Viper, but unlike my other SS cusatom listed, i did this one all myself. I wanted to push the Cobra theme as far as the parts available would allow, leaving an almost DD look. I also went with "shorter" parts so that he could stand with my Vintage Cobra hierarchy (my other one was a bit too tall with the Scalpel legs). I wanted to go with the Hoody look because the last two vintage SS sculpts had a hoody, but did not really make it look good at all. I wanted a hood that hung like a hood, and still gave a dynamic, ninja-y look to it.

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