Head: BBi "Willis"
Torso: Mega Marines Clutch
Arms: Low Light v.1
Waist: Duke v.4 w/BBi holster
Legs: Stretcher w/ Eversparkle pouches

Helmet: Robo Joe
Plasma rifle: Techno-Viper (base)/Countdown(grip)/Mi rage(scope)/Spearhead(bat tery)/wire(extending barrel)
Sniper rifle: Barrel Roll/ knock off
Auto pistol w/ grenade launcher: Colonel Courage and BBi Submachine gun: dollar store figure
Rocket Launcher: Gundam

A.I.M.S.: Missile and laser Pac/Rats w/Overkill arms.

Press Release printed in Machines of War Monthly, Feb. 3, 2005

S.I. Security Development and Consulting, Co. will soon be launching its latest weapon system to the world market. The A.I.M.S. or Automated Intelligent Missile System passed its defense contract testing with flying colors. Said one high ranking military official, "I want a thousand of them. I wouldn't want to be the sorry SOB who tries to go up against these things... Cheap and effective, that's a hard combination to pass up."

The A.I.M.S. unit has a passive target acquisition system while in "down" mode. The instant it picks up incoming non-friendlies, its aggressive radar/electronic jamming signal goes active. This will also activate the thermal and color video imaging feed for viewing from a distance. The missiles are next generation JL series with search-and-destroy capabilities. This is made possible because of lock on before launch technology that consists of an advanced automatic self guiding system that includes imaging infrared and heat source seekers. The tandem warhead has a penetrating initial blast for armor piercing and a "timed after impact" explosion for confirmed kill. The JL series also comes standard with a two-stage solid propellant that does not leave a smoke trial. The improved formula however gives the missile a kill range of 2 plus miles. As an added sales booster, multiple A.I.M.S. units can automatically link together when activated to triangulate enemy targets.

This marks S.I.'s third U.S. contract in three tries. They also hold eleven patents on current military hardware world wide. This company has been booming since its break from Military Arms and Research Systems, UK research and development group. We predict the sky is the limit for them if they keep producing winners like this.

S.I. Security Development and Consulting, Co. is privately owned and operated. EE Bermuda and M.A.R.S. are its only investors.

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