Head: Zartan 02
Torso: Leatherneck 86
Arms: Flint 85
Waist: Big Brawler 03
Legs: Dusty 85

Holster: Gung Ho 05
Pistol: Lady Jaye 03
Rifle: J&R Custom CG Rifle
Pouches: BBI

Semper Fi is a fairly new member of the G.I. Joe team. He joined the team soon after Cobra's attempt to use Nanomite Technology against the people of the United States.

He has been working closely with Claymore on various classified operations. He has proven himself to be an asset in the field and a dedicated soldier. Due to the current status of the team structure, Semper Fi will remain as one of Claymore's field operatives but will be on call should the main team need him.

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