Head: Outback w/ dog toy stuffing
Torso: Wildcard
Arms: Funskool Ripper
Waist: Topside
Thighs: Sagat modified
Feet: Chap Mei
Spear: twig, thread, and plastic scrap
"Wilson": Sculpey

From a message in a bottle discovered by fishermen off the coast of Thailand.

"To whom it may concern:

Please forward this message on to Department of Defense, United States of America.

Dear Sirs,
Delgado, Hector, Gunners Mate, USS Flagg reporting. My friends call me Shipwreck and I regretfully inform you I find myself aptly named. If you have come across this message you can ignore any others, especially that last one in the Sake bottle. My apologies to the President and his wife. I meant them no disrespect.

Considering this is most likely my last voyage I thought a few words from me to those who might give a damn would be appropriate. I've worked with demons, both pirate and politician alike. I've also worked with real saints that go unheralded saving the world countless times. Between them I've seen true cowardice and I've seen true heroism and it's easy to tell the difference. I have loved many times, and you know who you are, but none greater than my love for the wide open sea and a ship to sail her in. I don't think there has been an establishment of wine or women I haven't visited or a vice I haven't tried at least once. I've made friends. I've lost friends. I've made enemies. I've played the odds in my favor and lost. I've bet it all on nothing and come up big. Sometimes it's hard to predict which way the wind will blow. I've lived life to the fullest, good, bad, and ugly. I've got the scars and stories to prove it. Don't worry about me kiddies. If given the chance there are a lot of things I should've done differently but wouldn't. One of those things is happening into one of the greatest bunch of people I've ever known. They're the kind of people that make living worth dying for, and you know who you are. So keep your eyes on the horizon and the wind at your backs and you'll do just fine. A frosty mug and a tall tale wouldn't hurt either.

Yo Joe!

PS If I should somehow make it off this deserted isle Uncle Sam owe's me a parrot."

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