Head: Track Viper with Sculpey
Torso, hands, waist, and legs: new sculpt Night Creeper
Arms: VvV Croc Master
Jet pack: Styrene squared tubes with EEL breathing tubes
Neutralizer: Lego tail light for the muzzle, styrene sheets for the accordian barrel, Tele-Viper camera for the main body with sculpey added, and Lifeline v.2's flare gun for the handle

ROM the Spaceknight started as a toy produced by Parker Brothers in 1979. Marvel produced a comic tie-in that far outlasted the toy. The comic firmly implanted ROM into the Marvel Universe as a cyborg using his home world's greatest weapon, the Neutralizer, to take on the Dire Wraiths, an alien race bent on destroying all that the Spaceknight holds dear.

JoeCustoms member Sledge Hammer inspired this custom. He got me interested in the character and his comic. I used Tamaya plastic model spray paint for this project and it is by far the best spray paint I've ever used. It didn't scrape off the arms or knees at all.

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