Head: Budo V1
Chest: Footloose V1
Arms: Cross Country V1
Hands: BBi
Middle Piece: Footloose V1
Upper Legs: Footloose V1
Lower Legs: Footloose V1
Accessories: BBi SMAW anti-armor weapon, BBi HK MP-5K-PDW, Lady Jaye V1 back pack, Bbi goggles, Crankcase V1 helmet, 21st Century Toys chin strap, BBi knee pads, BBi MP-5 magazine pouches, BBi canteen, BBi knife and sheath, custom grenades, various other BBi pouches.

I had always wanted an anti-armor expert for my G.I. JOE Team but I had never been overly excited about any of the existing characters. In my opinion Zap was the best, but he carried a WWII weapon and was hard to make into a more modern figure without really losing his identity. I also had a desire to add new characters to my G.I. JOE Team as a result of others retiring. This was a perfect combination. I decided to make a new character, an anti-armor expert. I also wanted the character to be of oriental decent, orientals are one of the races that does not get a lot of recognition by Hasbro. I wanted this character to a have an early 1990's state of the art weapon. However, I wanted something light enough for him to carry and fire as an individual. I did not want him to be part of a anti-armor team or have too cumbersome of a weapon which would be the case if he used a M-47 Dragon, the Javelin Anti-tank Weapon, the LAW or the AT-4. The Shoulder-Launched Multipurpose Assault Weapon (SMAW) was chosen because it was small, it was could be re-loaded and could destroy a Main Battle Tank. The rest of the figure came together easily, he needed to have a personal defense weapon, and the necessary equipment for both weapons.

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