Head: Scarlett V2 w / Scarlett V4 ponytail
Chest: Jinx V1
Arms: Firefly V1
Hands: BBi
Middle Piece: Lady Jaye V1
Upper Legs: Leatherneck V1
Lower Legs: Outback V1

Scarlett was one those customs that I spent many years trying to decide on the right look for her. I wanted a custom that was easily identifiable as Scarlett but that was not clad in spandex or leather. As awesome as spandex and leather looks on a physically fit woman that is capable of killing you; it is also just as highly unrealistic for the military. I decided to put Scarlett in a more military looking uniform, to truly move away from the look of the classic ARAH V1 look for her. I decided to keep a lot of the things that in my mind identified Scarlett, the crossbow is there, the tan boots and gloves, and the red hair.

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