Head: Frostbite 2002
Body: Big Ben 2002

I got a trade for 30 Big Bens and decided to make him the basis of my greenshirts. He is good for this because collectors probably have so many extras of this guy just to get the Viper he comes with, so you can pick him up really reasonable. When in search of a head I noticed that the Frostbite (another one of those extra figs that come with a Viper) colors matched up perfectly (especially the skin tone) so it was a done deal. For accessories I just took what I had multiples of and you know how easy that is seeing as how much Hasbro loves to reuse accessories. You can't see it but I gave him Darts backpact and it goes with him really well, I also have a million of those laying around. Nothing better than a super easy to make greenshirt with NO paint required. I know its an LBC but isn't that what Greenshirts are supposed to be.

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