Head: MU Star Lord
Torso, Arms: 25th Viper
Legs: ? Cobra Soldier
Knee Pads: Cobra ParaViper
Web Gear: 3pk Retaliation SE
Gun: Marauder John

I received 3 or 4 of these Star Lord heads in the Iron Will Mascot Madness Contest, and was looking for something I could do with them to make easy 'army builder' type customs. I decided to go for a generic trooper, just padded & geared up with whatever random fodder I could find. I initially tried to take the gold off the MU head with acetone, but couldn't get it completely clean (before I got too worried about melting the entire head,) so I wound up just painting it black. The only other real customizing aspect was boiling and popping the leg rivets to change knees on the legs, trying to match the Viper arm pads better. The name came from Kilcarr, who felt the figure looked like a first strike soldier, someone with flash bang grenades & whooping & hollering, or as he put it, "Somebody who puts the 'Shock' in 'Shock and Awe.'"

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