Head, Chest, Waist: (Python) Televiper (VvV)
Upper Arms: Razor Trooper (VvV)
Lower Arms: Alpine (VvV)
Legs: Stalker (VvV)

Pouch, pistol on strap: BBI.

OK, Riot Viper has his Immortals.. in my Joeverse, several Viper classes can hope (connive, blackmail, steal -- just not kill) to attain "Crimson level" armor and equipment. Full Crimson Guardsmen serve as Cobra's officer core (lieutenants and above), while Crimson Vipers, CLAWS, and the like are Cobra's elite troops.

Paint notes: I tried to keep the scheme simple: Red jumpsuit, black vest, boots, and highlights, and gold for anything metal or silver (like the upper arm pieces and the gadget on the waist.) Making Stalker's Star-Wars-Galazies-reinforced-pants all one tone of red necessitated priming them with a light gray first. As for making him black -- it was about 3/5 having the Alpine lower arms already popped, and 2/5 a conscious choice to broaden the ethnicity of Cobra. Finding that the Citadel Graveyard Earth matches the Alpine arms Shocked helped too.

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