Head: SW Quinlan Vos
Rest: POC Duke
Assault rifle: ROC Pitt Trooper
Axe: ROC figure

Jimmy "Dart" Tall Elk came to the Joe team from Minnesota. An expert tracker it was easy to see why he was partnered with Spirit during his probation period. The two worked so well together that even after being granted full membership to G.I.Joe, Dart continued to work with Spirit. When the outbreak occured Dart was with Spirit tracking Zartan in the Bad Lands. The two quickly picked up on nature's cues that something wasn't right. When they encountered their first of the infected they were shocked. A shambling Snake Eyes, who had also been tracking Zartan, stumbled into the camp of the two native Americans. Spirit found the thought of destroying Snake Eyes to be disheartening and not within the natural order of life. Dart on the other hand had no problem with ending the life of the "silent master." Standing over the decapitated body watching the head continue to silently nash its teeth Spirit prayed to the spirits above. Dart kicked the biting head into the fire.

"Spirit is the spiritual half of the team. Dart the practical. They share common experiences of growing up on a reservation but while Spirit follows the traditions of his people, Dart follows his raw emotions. One would think this would run amiss of Spirit's ideas on life and death but on the contrary Spirit has time and again spoken highly of Dart and commented on how Dart is the 'bad cop' to his 'good cop.'" - Hawk

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