Head: Snow Job (Rise of Cobra)
Torso: Tunnel Rat (Resolute)
Upper Arms: Tunnel Rat (Resolute)
Lower Arms: Snow Job (Rise of Cobra)
Hands: Beachhead (Rise of Cobra)
Upper Legs: Jungle Viper
Lower Legs: Storm Shadow (Desert Battle)
Feet: Duke (Desert Ambush)
Gun: Dataframe (25th Anniversary)
Gun Harness: Copperhead (Rise of Cobra)
Muffler: Dusty (Desert Battle)
Helmet: General Hawk (25th Anniversary)
Backpack: Snake Eyes (Ninja Battles)

Elwood G. Indiana
Corporal (E-4)

There are some vehicles that aren't meant to move fast over certain terrain, but tell that to Crankcase and he'll just smirk. The man has speed in his blood. He began street racing at the age of 16, but he began building them when he was 13. He has a unique understanding of the inner workings of anything with wheels. And he loves to take those same vehicles through their paces, pushing them to their utmost limits. Even in the desert, seated in the A.W.E. Striker, Crankcase never slows down. Much to the chagrin of any passengers he may be carrying along for the ride. Whether it's sand or grease, he tends to stay dirty.

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