Just a repaint so really the only "part" used was a smaller mouth hose for ARAH CM.

As of today we are still waiting on this release. Getting kinda worried. So for now, have a look at my 2009 Python Patrol Croc Master custom.

Also here is my recent ARAH Python Patrol Croc Master.
These customs received complete coverage of all black base coat then colors were applied by hand/brush to not only the figures but the crocs & accessories as well.


Oh and, if you missed the other thread and wonder what's up with the red croc, on another forum a guy had posted pics of a commissioned custom Python Patrol set of figures and in that set was a Croc Master (black with grey X's if I recall).
The croc was not painted by the customizer and the guy who bought them was a little disappointed that the croc did not receive any paint treatment and was left wondering what it could/would have looked like.

This got me thinking, what would a pythonized croc look like? Well I took inspiration from PP vehicles - namely the Conquest - and applied what I thought would be a usable color scheme. Upon completion I was quite happy and applied a similar color scheme to Croc Master himself.
This was back in 2009. At this years Joe Con it was announced that POC Croc Master was going to get a running change in Python Patrol colors thanks to inspiration from a custom shown on HISSTank. That was my 2009 PP Croc Master!!!

"And you thought the green ones were mean!"

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