Head, arms, waist: ARAH Scarlett
Chest, back: ARAH Baroness
Upper legs: ARAH Lady Jaye
Lower legs: ARAH Zarana
Backpack: ???
Gunbelt: cut from 25A Roadblock harness
Pouches/Roll: cut from ROC Ice-Viper jacket
Radio: The Corps?


After making several MASK and Eagle Force customs, I wanted to do a back-to-basics Joe figure. The "real world" inspiration for this figure came about from a story on Nightline about female soldiers in Afghanistan assigned to speak to female villagers to gain their trust and cooperation. The team leader had short black hair and was loaded with a ton of gear. I can't remember, but it seems like she may have also been trained as a translator. That set the guidelines for the figure.

The "artistic" inspiration was that I also wanted to repaint an '82 Scarlett head to see if I could make it look like a woman, so this was a good use of it. The head, as released by Hasbro back in '82, had no lips or eye shadow painted on it, and really didn't do justice to the work someone put into sculpting it.

Color & Paint:

There aren't many ARAH female parts to work with, so this one tries to make the best use of easily identifiable parts. For the head, I used the original Scarlett head, but with dark hair as well as red lipstick and eye shadow. On the arms and legs, I left the upper parts of the gloves/boots painted as sleeves/pant legs.

Sculpting & Modifying:

I loaded the Baroness torso down with a gear and pouches to disguise it. I removed the flared tips from the knee pads.

Thanks for looking.

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