Head: Vintage Zangief
Torso: Croc Master
Arms & Legs: Marvel Universe Thor
Hammer: Hunter Artworks
Chair: Marauder's
Barb Wire: PoC Dusty

This is Crusher. Crusher I feel has great potential but being saddled with the Gnawgahyde mold and a lame story about stealing his clothes in order to explain the mold use only hurt him. I wanted to try and fix it so I decided to take his ex-wrestler background and run with it and build a body that called back to that. I was originally going to use a Copperhead torso that I had but wasn't happy with how it looked with the arms and legs so I tried to find something that looked muscular like Copperhead but looked good with the other parts I wanted to use too. I had a Croc Master that I wasn't sure what to do with yet so I decided to try it. Took a lot of grinding and sanding to make it look like it does but I'm happy with it. The head doesn't look as oversized in reality as it does in this photo and had I thought about it at the time I probably would have waited and used a Retaliation Roadblock torso instead. The thing that I'm happiest most about this custom is the folding chair. That just sells it completely to me.

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