Head: Lady Jaye V1
Chest: Zarana V4
Arms: Zarana V4
Hands: Scarlett V13
Middle Piece: Zarana V4
Upper Legs: Frostbite V2
Lower Legs: Zarana V4

The Dreadnok member known as Zarana has a history of very few confirmed facts. The little bit that is known about Zarana comes from several intelligence agencies. It is generally accepted that Zarana is the sister to Zartan, the leader of the Dreadnoks, and Zandar her other sibling involved with the Dreadnoks. It is believed that Zarana and her brothers were all born in France. The siblings were placed in a Catholic orphanage at a young age. When Zarana was approximately 14 the siblings were separated. It is believed that Zartan, the oldest of the siblings, killed a bully that had been tormenting Zandar. Soon after Zartan was taken into custody, Zandar and Zarana escaped. While on the streets of Toulon, France Zarana learned how to use make up and costume to pass as an older women to help her and Zandar survive.

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