Heads: Duke V3, Mercer V2, Wild Bill V2, Tracker V1
Chest: Salvo V1
Arms: Recoil V1
Hands: BBi, Topside V1, 21st Century Toys,
Middle Piece: Mutt V1
Upper Legs: Footloose V1
Lower Legs: Alpine V1

Zartan's history is just as hard to confirm as his actual identity. What has been accepted as his history and his identity is based on information from various intelligence agencies. These agencies identify 2 younger twin siblings, known as Zandar and Zarana, both members of the Dreadnoks. It is believed that the three siblings were born in France and later spent time in a Catholic orphanage. At the approximate age of 18 Zartan murdered a bully that had been tormenting his brother, Zandar. The siblings were separated at that point and Zartan was taken into custody. Zartan escaped and it is believed that he made it into Saint-Cyr, a prestigious military school in France on a false identity. It is unclear when he left Saint Cyr, but he began to travel the globe making a living as a mercenary using the latest technical advances in weapons to gain an advantage.

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