Parts used:

Head = Skystriker, custom.
Body, Waist, Upper Legs = SSv1.
Hands, Lower Legs = SS 2002 re-worked.
Weapons = SSv2 Sword+Bow, 2nd Knife/Sword ???

Took me some time to get it the way I want. This should fit in well with all my Snake-Eyes .

At least now I have a SS that I like ... Thanx to Dzirhan who provided me with a v1 SS to help me do this custom ... I doubt that I would ever do this if he didn't pass the v1 SS to me ... :)

- Head is Skystriker. Some work done on the head to make it look like SS. Didn't like the v1 head.
- Quite some work done on hands and lower legs to get it looking better.
- Custom built a dual sword sheath for the 2 Ninja swords.
- Cobra logo is from the the wave 1 new sculpts insert.

More pics on site ->

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