Head: '87 Croc Master
Torso: '86 Wet-Suit
Arms: '93 Keel-Haul
Waist and Legs: '91 Lowlight

Operation: Fallen Angel

A top-secret government satellite code-named, Angel, has fallen from orbit landing in a remote region of the Cameroon jungle. For the GI Joe team, it's not just a race against time, but against Cobra and the Iron Grenadiers; the valiant Joes find themselves out numbered as they fight to be the first to find and secure the Fallen Angel.
Who will win the race? Who will survive the battle? Take the action into your own hands and decide the fate of the mission with this exclusive Iowa Assembly Required Convention Set.
This one of a kind set includes more than twenty hand-painted custom action figures with accessories and an exclusive custom vehicle.

Attempting to locate the satellite first, Cobra has dispatched an elite squad of highly trained Jungle Vipers led by the enigmatic and deadly Bushmaster. These frightening troops are experts in jungle warfare and survival tactics.

Bushmaster is a remake of one of my first customs and is an original character. I'd been wanting to make an updated version for a long time and felt this was the perfect chance.

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