head = wetsuit
helmet, sigma strike duke + hitech v1 goggles
glasses - t-rat
body, neck down - copter Snakeeyes
pouches = shipwreck belt, frontal assault duke holster
lil gold cross earring saudered a loop and added to dogtags
stiletto - gungho

Lifeline has had some trials in his indocturnation to the Joe team, as a pacifist, he has openlyy disapproved of the combat aspect of the war against Cobra, hoping to serve in mor humanitarian roles more suited for his training, however much of his perspective shifted once the Joe team's primary field medic Carl "Doc" Greer was killed in action, forcing him to the frontlines. The awakening of the necessary force provided by his teammates became a less abhored action. There was a need to protect those who could not protect themselves, and that is what the GIJoe Team was there for. While he will not brandish a firearm agaist a living target, he is a trained marksman with, pardon the pun, surgical accuracy. His hand to hand combat training has been focusd on disarming and non lethal strikes as coordinated by Snakeeyes. He often spends much time patching up Cobra prisoners, much moreso than his counterpart Scalpel

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