Head: Padme, with Black Widow hair
Torso: Willie Scott (IJ) modded to MU lower torso
Arms: Willie Scott
Legs: Baroness
Chain Mail: Holiday mesh ribbon
Skirt: Slave Leia

I didn't get this figure done in time for the retro sci-fi NJC, but I have continued on with the theme thereafter. Despite my reputation for making female figures that are not shy about showing skin, I think this version of Dale is more modest than most contemporary interpretations.

I did not specifically copy any one design. I took some inspiration from Chief's take on Dale, and some from the look of the Flash Gordon: Zeitgeist comic series. However, the specific look is just something that felt right as I was making it.

It is my intent to make an entire verse based on this period and style, perhaps tying it in, somewhat, to an earlier prequel period of my EXCAL verse.

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