Head: The Hobbit Orc Fimbul with 50th Croc Master faceplate and breathing apparatus
Arms: Retaliation Street Luge Firefly
Legs: 25th Serpentor
Feet, belt buckle, and torso:50th Croc Master
Tentacle: 30th Zombie Viper
Cape and skirt pieces: Fimbul

I've been wanting to do a Croc Master custom for a while as he was a childhood favorite, but there have been so many great customs of him done it seemed hard to find a way to improve on them. In the end I decided he would need to be completely overhauled and veer very far away from the original version to make it noteworthy. I thought to myself, what if Dr. Mindbender took him and did some drastic experimenting on him? What would he change? What would he look like under that mask afterwards? What if he didn't need the whip or chains and instead had a tentacle arm to wrangle his pets? One day I saw the Fimbul figure and it hit me like a ton of bricks. The rest was mashing parts together.

Art by Sam Panico

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