Head: Cast by Rodimus?
Hat: Modded by me from Lego, then cast by Rodimus
Body: RoC Female
Rig: SW Aura Sing

Meet Dani (short for Danielle) R. Lecoq. Dani was American born, but adopted by the Lecoq family after being shipped overseas by her biological father for her protection and well-being. Though raised to be a proper French lady, with the refinement expected of a child raised into a prominent and wealthy family, her heritage could never be fully taken away, no matter how many manners or beauty lessons she endured. The formal education definitely stuck, however.

Hearing mostly only rumors of the man who was her father, she took every story to heart, embellished or otherwise. Her fascination with the adventures she heard about in news from the American western frontier became her obsession. She trained herself in the use of sidearms, American style riding ("like how the boys ride, of course"), and vowed to one day search for her father. It was a predictable conclusion then, that upon meeting the American Elias Knight, inexplicably stationed in his own castle in the French countryside, that she fell instantly in love.

She began to accompany Knight on his own adventures, soon demonstrating her worth, with both her mind and her double draw Colts. Though she was dedicated to this new partner of hers, she never lost sight of the end game of returning to America, with Knight being her best chance to get there.


Personality wise I expect she is a mixed bag. At various times letting this forced cowgirl persona to take over, but unexpectedly slipping into the French language, and a refined lady-like state in ways that drive Knight absolutely mad. Though she is herself in her 20s, she often comes across as a younger lady, in part because of her childlike fascination with both Knight and all things cowboy. And despite being very close in age, Knight has yet to figure out if Dani's affection for him is as a love interest or as a father figure. He chooses to steer clear of finding out.

As for the idea, the adoptive family - Lecoq - makes reference to a famous fictional French detective of the era who was in many ways a precursor of Sherlock Holmes. His stories play a prominent role in the Wold-Newton universe, which makes him a prime candidate for inclusion in this prequel verse. More importantly, learning from that man has in many ways helped form Dani's own abilities, which she puts to use in Knight's service, often times infuriatingly so (from Knight's perspective).

Her true father's identity is not just a mystery to her, but to most of those who know of him, as well. And that's the last clue you'll get from me...

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