Head and body: HACKS red blank
Hands: BBi Elite Force
Feet: RoC Storm Shadow
Ray gun: Stickbot accessory pack
Helmet: HACKS Achilles
Armored skirt: HACKS Glow in the Dark armor
Eye decals: Stickfa

Unlike Bugs Bunny's other incompetent foes, Marvin the Martian is cold, calculating, and most importantly very dangerous. His exploits tend to put the fate of the entire world at risk.

I had suggested to Andrew and Erik from Boss Fight that they do a Marvin the Martian custom to show the customization possibilities of the line. Chuck Jones and the Looney Tunes animators used Mars, the Roman god of war, as inspiration for Marvin's appearance that I thought would translate perfectly into HACKS form. Fortunately, they got busy designing real toys. When danielb's birthday rolled around I decided it was time to make the custom for the guy who loves space adventures as much as I do.

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