Head-cast (don't remember from which caster)
Torso,Arms-Various Pursuit of Cobra figures
Legs-Iron Grenadier heavy gunner figure
Barrel:gattling gun from a POC or ROC figure I can't recall
Main body:sniper rifle Lowlight
Rifle stock-Gnawgahyde rifle
Joined together with a tack and crazy glue

I felt like post '86 Hasbro was really trying on adding new elements to the G.I. Joe story. It was harder with there not being a cartoon (or a cartoon of quality) and all we could get our media from was either the file cards (always activated my imagination) or the comic which if Larry Hama didn't like a character there wasn't much hope for deep exploration. Darklon I feel fell into that abyss of media but activated my imagination. The upstart cousin who needed to be drafted (or bribed) into helping Destro to combine forces. I also found myself really captivated with Darklon's look...except for those pants! One of the first things I did was to take an extra Law that I had and switch out the pants. In fact my vintage Darklon still has them over 30 years later. When I was designing my custom I had seen a lot of amazing customs to this character using his original design but I really wanted to go with my "custom" from back in my childhood so went about finding parts that I felt would give me the similar look and build that my vintage custom had/has.
The ribbed sweater that we got for so many Pursuit of Cobra figures was perfect from the start and something many other customizers used. I bought a casted head from this custom probably about 4 years ago. I sculpted a few extra harness details, communicator on left wrist, and other minor odds and ends and called it a day...for the figure. His gun was another matter. I had considered just buying a vintage gun but in looking through my fodder of weapons and parts I felt I could make something updated that still called on the original weapon-which I felt look a little too plain for what I was going for. I measured out the parts and was very happy with how his gun ended up coming together. Some crazy glue, a tack, and paint and Darklon had his updated weapon for the 21st Century.

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