Head: Warhammer Dire Wolf
Torso: The Corps (Dragon Han '86)
Arms: The Corps (Dragon Han '86)
Hands: Warhammer Skaven Ogre
Waist: The Corps (Dragon Han '86)
Legs: The Corps (Dragon Han '86)
Feet: Sagat '93
Toes: Warhammer Skaven Ogre
Tail: Warhammer Skaven Stormfiend

Not my best work, this custom (too hastily) made for a Halloween contest. It had been laying in my WIP drawer for at least 7 years, but now was the time to further modify the parts and paint it

I regret using the Warhammer head from a Dire Wolf. Because of that head. It's just too small and it doesn't look rat-ish enough. He looks more like a werewolf now.
I do like how the use of the static grass for the hair turned out

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