Lower body: MTF
Upper body: Bossfight

Mad Dog is the biker gang leader of the SAVAGE team. He is basically a Dreadnok...only not as awesome. SAVAGE is a terrorist organization "determined to rule the world"....sounds familiar right. Much like Cobra, S.A.V.A.G.E. is a force to be reckoned with and are too much for any normal military to handle. That's where the Force of Freedom led by Rambo comes in. They are the only thing standing between SAVAGE and world domination.

While there was a toy line for this cartoon, they were around 6 inches tall so out of scale for Joe crossover play. In my kid universe though some of my Joes become the Force of Freedom and some Cobras became SAVAGE. It was the perfect crossover. Cobra Commander and General Warhawk would have made a great evil duo.

I've included a picture with the vintage figure.

I've included a picture with the whole SAVAGE squad.

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