Cast head from Wildcats PVC
Cesspool Chest
Wild Bill VvV arms with Chap Mei ninja gauntlets and hands
Scalpel legs and Crotch
SS VvV wave 4 skirt
Chap Mei Weapons

This was a KG666-Hive Viper joint, with most of the credit going to Hive Viper. I saw his SS on ebay (which is also posted here) and negotiated a deal with him to make one for me. When he finished and sent it to me, I made a few alterations so i could play with it more (the amrs he put on were painted, and I could not play with it without cracking the paint). So, to Jay's credit, he painted the legs, Head, and Chest, I swapped out the arms, painted the skirt, and did all the weapons. I also hit it with several coats of citiadel clear satin finish. It looks cool, and give a new look to an old ninja.

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