Head: VvV Storm Shadow
Torso: JvC Beach Head
Arms: VvV Snake Eyes
Hands: VvV Gung Ho
Waist: Comic Pack Destro
Robes: VvV Storm Shadow
Legs: VvV Storm Shadow
Feet: JvC Snake Eyes

Cloaked in mystery, the only man who knows the past of Storm Shadow cannot tell the tale. All that is known comes from Vietnam records, Stalker, and what Snake Eyes is willing to tell Scarlett. He is referred to simply as a ninja as his specialty, but he is a practitioner of many martial arts, most skilled in Arashikage, The Invisible Hand, and The Arrow's Eye. He can move like mist, and chooses to dress in white and red out of arrogance. Even without camo, he cannot be seen when he does not want to be.

He is less skilled with a sword than Snake Eyes, but his talent with a bow is without match. Rather than carry a gun, he hides a bow and quiver under a red cloak. He can move just as fast with these primitive tools as any man with a gun. Known to be the personal bodyguard of Cobra Commander, he views his master with an almost religious admiration, and is often referred to as The Right Hand of Cobra. Most members of the G.I. Joe team have some scars from his blade, those who've lived to tell the tale.

I know, I've already done a Storm Shadow, but his biceps were just too huge. I'm much more partial to semi-RAH proportions, seeing as how that's most of my GI Joe force. So I picked a thinner torso, smaller arms, and repainted him. I gave his eyes a touch of orange, kinda like Sithis, because I think that's just so cool. Then I dry brushed him with a light grey, to give him an almost ethereal, ghostly look. Spooky!

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