Head: General Hawk v.3 w/Sculpey and Eversparkle radio
Torso: Barricade w/Sculpey and Gundam bits
Arms: Motor-Viper
Right hand: Microman
Waist: Overkill v.1 w/BBi pouches
Thighs: Sgt. Slaughter v.1
Feet: Mega Marine Clutch

Gatling gun: Spy Troops Roadblock w/Tomax pistol scope
Rocket Launcher: Eversparkle gas can and bullets
Right wrist machine gun: VvV Communicator with Firefly barrel
Left wrist dual lasers: BBi javelin viewer w/scraps
Blast effects: Star Wars

This started out as a fix for the Super Hero Showdown Iron Man and his super tiny head. Once it started heading in the War Machine direction everything fell right into place. Those Star Wars blast effects finally served a purpose. Those Gundam weapon mounts really make this custom.

The obvious inspiration was the Marvel Legends figure. They nailed the character. Too bad they couldn't make him in 3 3/4 inches.

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