Whole figure: Storm Shadow v.15
Rope: Alpine v.3
Swords: Um....
Pouches: BBI

"Forgive me Father, for I have sinned."

"Aww geez, what is it now?"

"I made a Storm Shadow custom."

"Sweet Holy Mary mother of Jesus, not you too!"

"Yes, Father, I am sorry."

"But no Snake Eyes custom?"

"No, Father."

"Oh...well...Ok. Just give me five 'And knowing is half the battles', read the new issue of G.I. Joe twice and don't do it again."

"Yes Father, Thank you Father."

"Yeah, yeah, go on, get lost now, my shipment of Wave 3 DTC just came in."
I loved the Storm Shadow v.10 sculpt, but hated the T crotch. This is my attempt to blend the two. Plus, what self-respecting ninja wears white?
I just wish I could have made a sweet custom bow, as it is Storm Shadow's calling card.

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