Head, torso, crotch: mail away Storm Shadow
Upper Arms: Ninja Battles Storm Shadow
UpperLegs: Comic Pack Storm Shadow
Lower Arms, lower Legs: JvsC Storm Shadow

Backpack: VvsV Storm Shadow
with 1/2 ST Storm Shadow's JvsC Sheath fitted over the face

I had alot of the unmasked Storm Shadows & didn't want any of them as my definitive version of the character. So I began picking & choosing parts from as many of the different incarnations of him as I had available & tried to piece together a single figure that incorporated what I enjoyed from each.

I like the fact that both his clan's mark as well as the Cobra logo are both represented here (on his upper arm & lower leg wrapping respectively).

Plus he's an LBC. Other than a dash of red for his mask, I didn't have to lift a brush. Being naturally lazy, this pleases me to no end.

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