Head: Agent Jinx (?)
Body: Newsculpt Baroness

I make a lot of custom guns for my SEAL team. I have ruined a few by setting them down while either the glue or the paint was fresh. Nothing is more annoying than spending alot of time doing fine detail work then find out 30 minutes later that its Super glued to my Joe table. Except Narceron, he's pretty annoying too.
(Just checking to see if your reading this Simon)

Or the if the paint drys funny. I do try to go for the realistic look. A pool of dried paint at one end of the gun pretty much deep sixes that look.

SO, I present the Weapons Wench. She hold my custom guns in just the right positions so the glue and paint dry just right. As you can see she is holding my new custom M-60/Shotgun combo and a sniper rifle I have been working on.
"Every guy should have a hotty to hold your gun until its ready to fire."---Weapons Wench motto

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