Head - Dial-Tone V1 (sans moustache)
Torso, Waist - Lampreys
Upper Legs - Lampreys (slight mod)
Arms - Xamot V1
Lower Legs - Hiss Driver V1

Donald Kozowski became a volunteer SAR (Seach And Rescue) officer working off the coast of North Carolina. He had an incredible fondness for the sea and his duty, even if part-time, as a rescue team member. His teamates always claimed he was the best at what he did.

He happened to be on call when a Joe/Cobra battle went wrong. Cutter sent out a distress call that was responded to by Kozowski's team. When they arrived Cobra was really pouring on the heat. The Whale that Cutter had been piloting was all but under water. Keeping his bearings as always Kozowski engaged in the rescue of Cutter and his crew, and radioed for more back-up for the rest of the Joe unit.

He was offered a place on the Joe team, which he gladly accepted. He received training to be a Joe at the Slaughter House, where he impressed The Sarge.

"He may not be much for combat, but the kid sure doesn't know when to quit."

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