Parts Used:
Head: Zarana V1 (Funskool)
Chest: Zarana V1 (funskool)
Arms: Scrap Iron V1
Hands: BBi
Middle Piece: Zarana V1 (Funskool)
Upper Legs: Frostbite V1
Lower Legs: Tunnel Rat V1 (Funskool)
Accessories: BBi M870 Shotgun, Armies of Darkness Dagger, and Baroness V4 web belt.

When I started to create this customI knew that I was looking for removable gear, I wanted this so that the character could blend into surgery. This was accomplished by using 1/4" fabric elastic. I removed the back portion of the Baroness V4 belt and replaced it with the elastic. I also wanted her to have a dagger, sort of reminescent of the one on the version 1 figure. I happened to have an Army of Darkness dagger, but I did not have a sheath for it. As I was looking through my parts bins, I came across an amazing discovery, the common plastic drinking straw. It is plastic so superglue will work with it, it will take paint and if heated it will hold a shape. I then removed the pouches from the right hip of the Baroness V4 belt and replaced them with my sheath. I also wanted Zarana to have a shotgun like she did in the early Marvel comics. The BBi one was perfect, it just needed a strap. I used too small pieces of wire and a piece of flat plastic string for the sling. When it came to actually deciding on what outfit I wanted Zarana to be in, I was inspired by an earlier custom by Pluv, a long time customizer. He had his Zarana in a vest with a long teeshirt underneath. I used the same Star Wars Cantina Han Solo vest, but decided I wanted my Zarana to have a jacket. Scrap Irons arms worked perfcectly, they suggested long sleaves with a cuff, but they were not too big to belong to a woman. I had to fill in around the vest a bit to remove the gaps in the shoulders to make it look more realistic. I also removed the original Scrap Iron hands and went with BBi hands so that Zarana could easily hold the shotgun. I then wanted to make her slightly seductive, to show off a little of the body underneath, a tool that she has used on to many men. I did this buy removing the torn edges of her shirt and increasing her waistline. I also filled in the top to make it look like a different shirt. The pants were simple, they had to be feminine with smaller thighs than the original with boots. The last thing that I did was remove her mohawk and give her a more up to date haricut. This was down with radiatior repair. The colors are more modern, look more like what a traditional "biker" would wear.

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