Parts Used:
Head: Voltar V1
Chest: Night Viper V1
Arms: Star Viper V1
Middle Piece: Dr. Mindbender V1
Upper Legs: Crystal Ball V1
Lower Legs: Torch V1
Accessories: Gung Ho V11 AK-47, Cobra Officer V1 AK-47 stock, and a Funskool Flint V1 shotgun. A Big Ben V4 grenade, Black Out v1 pouches.

I always felt that the character of Voltar had promise, but I could never get past the obsurd color of the figure. I think it was around this time that the design team of Hasbro began to smoke their breakfast. As I was designing Cobra for my JoeVerse I was looking for someone other than Destro or Major Bludd to lead the infantry forces of Cobra. Voltar made the cut and helped establish the fact that Destro had placed key personal from the Iron Grenadiers in positions within Cobra to assure his position as the Field General for Cobra, to give Cobra the tactical edge it needed. I simply wanted to make a realistic looking field commander for Cobra, someone that looked like a Cobra, but was still identifiable as a unique character, I think I was able to pull this off with Voltar.

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