Head, Legs: 25A Lady Jaye (animated)
Torso, Upper arms: 25A Diver Baroness
Lower arms: 25A Scarlett
Gunbelt from SW Mara Jade
Chest strap from 25A Arctic Snake-Eyes


I don't really remember Cadet Demming from the cartoon. However, the character gets enough mention from time to time to have peaked my curiosity. Instead of doing a "cadet" version of the character, I went for a post-officer training version, perhaps a bit into her career with Cobra. Besides, "Major Demming" sounds a bit meaner, doesn't it?

There aren't many female 25A parts to work with yet. I intentionally stayed away from mixing Baroness parts into the mix. Technically, the upper body is from Diver Baroness, but that's really just Scarlett parts. The upper body isn't a perfect match for the loose-fitting trousers of the Lady Jaye legs. However, combining them was best way to mix different parts together effectively. The across-the-chest strap is intended to downplay the obviousness of the iconic Scarlett torso.


While I didn't use any "real" Baroness parts, the yellow collar is borrowed from the early Baroness appearances in the Marvel run. The shoulder pad was too distinct to ignore, so I went with a dull brown and then used that color in a few other spots.

As with most blonde figures I paint, the color is a mixture of yellow, light tan, and metallic silver.


The holster is from the SW Mara Jade figure, cut to accommodate the pouch molded onto the Scarlett/Diver Baroness torso. The hips had to be cut to take the Lady Jaye legs.

Thanks for looking.

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