Head, Torso, Arms, Waist: Lanard Corps Crusher McClosky
Legs: Lanard Corps Hat Trick

This is an individual entry for Codebreaker, one of two "Cyberrunners" i created for the shoebox diorama challenge for Custom Celebration 2011, with my "Cyberworld" diorama.

I already had plans to do an alternate-world version of Breaker, which I already named Codebreaker, as part of a group I made who "migrated" to the current joeverse from the "Worlds Without End" world.

While thinking of possible figures to accompany my diorama, I came to a photo of the ROC movie Breaker, and I thought it would be a challenge to do, so I set forth creating the figure based on the ROC Breaker, and ended up deciding to make this my Codebreaker custom.

I really like how this one turned out.

P.S.: It would have been easy to use ROC parts to do this, but since I'm exclusively an ARAH collector, I used ARAH parts.

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