head: Prof. X., modded
body: Renegades Duke?
Legs: POC Zartan
Feet: POC Beachhead (for added height)
Coat: POC Zartan
Arms: POC Desert SE

Name: Cole Cannon
Code Name/Nickname: Hand Cannon or "the Hand" or simply Cannon

PMS: Close Quarters Combat
SMS: Counter Intelligence

I'll start with some detail on his back story, which also partly explains his load-out. He is not a criminal, but always associated with biker types right on the fringe of the law. This explains why he carries two items of questionable legality: 1) the sawed off shotgun, and 2) the switchblade/brass knuckle combo (which I tried to recreate in folded and unfolded form with limited success).

He's a local who has bounced from job to job, but now mostly makes a living by competing in (and winning) local MMA bouts, with his sights set on the UFC. Has considered a job training people for close quarters combat, but his personal affiliations always seem to get in the way.

Gear pictured:
>High caliber revolver. (I'm not 100% sure what that Joe revolver is supposed to be). The pouch next to the revolver holster holds 30 cartridges to go with the 6 in the gun.

>The brass knuckle/switchblade which he carries in his coat pocket

>The coat is leather.

> The mini pack sculpted on to the coat, I would like to call a hiker's water bladder. In contrast, the canteen attached to the front, I think should be filled with Jack Daniels...

>additional gear pictured, and carried in backpack:
>sawed off 12g shotgun (double barrelled). 2 shells in the gun, 4 strapped to butt, 6 more in backpack. this actually fits nicely through the backpack loops when not in use)
>Zippo Lighter
>multi-use thin steel cable
>hunting knife
>$500 cash in small bills
>iPhone 5 with waterproof case
>IPad Mini with protective waterproof case
>a strap with work gloves and winter cap attached
>9mm pistol (loaded with 1 in chamber and a 10 round clip - hollow points)
>holster for 9mm (presently in backpack, but added to outward gear if he gets to join in mission), with two additional 10 round clips.
>the two unmarked pouches I placed in there intending them to be 2-4 MREs (he shops at U.S.Cav.com, like I do... )

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