Head: Cobra Coils
Torso: Overkill
Arms: Switch Gears
Waist: Zartan
Legs: Zartan
- Rifle: Chief Torpedo
- Helmet: Switch Gears
- Bandolier: Dusty

Name: Frederick de Strijder
Primary Military Specialty: Infantry
Secondary Military Specialty: Anti-Armour
Birthplace: Brugge, Belgium
Grade: O-5 (Lt Col)

In Flemish, Colonel Krieg's family name means "The Warrior" and it could not be more appropriate. As an up and coming young Belgian paratroop officer he was identified early for command. One of the youngest Lieutenant-Colonels in the Belgian Army, he served multiple distinguished tours in former Belgian colonies in Africa. However, between the atrocities he witnessed and the stresses of command in such an unforgiving environment, Lt-Col de Strijder started to come unhinged, obsessing over Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness. Eventually he deserted, disappearing into the forest and assuming the persona of Kurtz. Going by the name Krieg, he waged his own private wars in the jungles of the Congo with an army of mercenaries and hired guns. The resource-rich basin is coveted by many interests and Cobra is no exception. Whilst securing a vital mining site Major Bludd and a Python Patrol force came across Colonel Krieg during a showdown with. So impressed was he with Krieg's military skill that Bludd soon introduced him to Cobra Commander. The organisation and resources of Cobra proved irresistible to this professional soldier, who rapidly found his stride again leading successive platoons, companies and battalions of Vipers to victory after victory.

* With my return to customising, this is the first new submission in my upcoming series of Cobra Leadership. Having previously created Hellion (whose bio I really enjoyed making) I decided to create and bring to life many more individual characters withing the middle-tier of the Cobra Hierarchy, namely members of its Senior Military Leadership.

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