Head: Flint v8
Arms: Snake Eyes v14
Body: Recondo v4
Rifle: Chief Torpedo (retouched)

Primary Military Specialty: Infantry
Secondary Military Specialty: General Staff
Birthplace: East Germany
Grade: O-5 (Lieutenant-Colonel)

In the newly amalgamated German Federal Armed Forces in the 1990s, Lt. Col. Lupus had a promising military career as an Infantry Officer. Following unification, however, he grew disillusioned with his country's timidity on the world stage resulting from its unwillingness to come to terms with its past demons. The ambitious spirit of the Cobra ideal appealed to this keen officer and he proved his mettle successfully commanding relatively green (and sometimes unwieldy) SCALE* Corps troops (the 'Blueshirts') in campaigns in remote regions of Cobra's decentralised empire. Having proved his officership, competence and loyalty in operations that some had thought 'lost causes,' Colonel Lupus was moved over to command the more skilled troops in the Viper Corps. He currently commands the 5th Viper Regiment (Mechanised) of 2nd Mechanised Viper Brigade, 11th Viper Division. The regimental (battalion) patch is shown in his picture.

* SCALE: Serpents of CobrA LEgionary

** Another in my series on Cobra military leadership

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