Head: Salvo v2
Arms: Destro v7
Rest: Firefly v6
Belt Buckle: From Lady Jaye v4 Spytroops gear
- Helmet: Barrel Roll v1
- Scorpion Machine Pistol: Neo-Viper v4

Basically a LBC except for painting some pouches & straps

File Name: Antonio Scavone
Primary Military Specialty: Armour
Secondary Military Specialty: Reconnaissance
Birthplace: Naples, Italy
Grade: O-5 (Lieutenant-Colonel)

Although from a military family, Antonio Scavone worked for the Mafia as a young man. Arrested, he was given the option of serving in the Italian Armed Forces or jail. Opting to serve in Italy's armour forces, he did quite well as a junior trooper, advancing quickly and eventually taking his commission. As an ambitious Captain, Rubicon grew tired of the disciplinary constrictions of his army and disillusioned with his country's - in his view - milquetoast disposition toward actively participating in significant conflicts around the world. After leaving the Army he joined Cobra's Armoured Corps and is believed to have commanded a HISS squadron during expeditionary operations in Central and East Africa, places his forefathers had served decades before him. He was recently appointed commander of the Commander's Own Regiment of Hussars.

* The emblem in the first picture denotes the Cobra Armoured Corps

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