Parts used:
Head: Patlabor 'Phantom Labor' model kit head
Body, upper arms, upper legs, hands, feet: 25th Anniv Firefly (80%)
Shoulderpads: Superhero Showdown Iron Man
Lower arms, lower legs: Microman
Flightpack: Sigma 6 Cobra Commander weapon piece
Wings: House of M Iron Man wings.
Lower leg panels: Destroyer Droid shoulderpads
Chest circle, neck hoses wires: random parts
LED unit: Dollar store toy
Base: Firefly's base

"Crashing through the sky comes a fearful cry: Cobra! Cobra! Never has the battle cry rang more true than with the introduction of the S.W.A.R.M. in to Cobra's ranks. These Smart Weaponized Aerial Robotic Modules are deployed to aid in attacks, buzzing right along side enemy fighters and blasting them to pieces. They are more advanced than the regular Cobra B.A.T. with a revolutionary yet somewhat untested A.I. program. This program allows for a 'hive mind' and even establishes command rank among the S.W.A.R.M. leading to a more effective fighting unit. With their flightpacks at full blast the sound is terrifying as the glow from multiple units light up the sky."

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