Head - '88 Secto-Viper
Rest of figure - '94 Blackstar

It was said that the origins of the Cobra Blackstar are unknown to the GIJoe Star Brigade team and to the Cobra Space Force troops themselves. It was rumored that the Blackstar himself may not even be human.

On my rendition on the Cobra Blackstar, he may not be human anymore.... but a cyborg.

He started as a Strato-Viper and quickly worked his way to the top of Cobra's Air Force, surpassing Wild-Weasel himself. Later volunteered to become an Astro-Viper to take on missions in space.

With multiple requirements from being a surgically altered Viper, he was able to withstand the threshold of multiple G's taking the toll on his physique. But, due to the strain from Cobra's numerous shuttle missions, part of his physique needed to be replaced with cybernetic components to endure the harsh environment of space, thus converting him into a cyborg.

He is now Leader of the Cobra Space Forces under the command of Cobra Commander.

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