Cap here is built around the Barrage body, using his arms, torso, and pelvis. He's got JvC Dusty v1 thighs and boots, and the SS Cap fig's knees and shield.

Frustrated with the slow progress of his Soldier Advanced program, COBRA Commander decided to go to the source of all achievements in improving the common military servicemember: the US' SuperSoldier experiment during World War II.

Unfortunately, after defusing the Nazi's first and only nuclear ICBM while in flight to Washington DC, Captain America was lost to history somewhere over the North Atlantic.

COBRA Commander ordered his vast legion to scour the nooks and crannies to find every scrap of information related to Professor Eisenstein's original experiment. Since everyone assumed Captain America had perished when the ICBM exploded in mid-flight, no efforts were undertaken to find his body - impossible as it was with 1940's technology in the frigid watery wastes. While various operatives of COBRA found important and vital bits of information that MindBender was able to use to further his own experiments, Hammerhead unit #143 hit the jackpot and discovered Captain America's intact corpse embedded in an iceberg that had recently calved off a Greenland glacier.

Noticing stepped-up activity at COBRA's Ice Station Delta on a small island between Greenland and Iceland, the Joes sent a team to investigate. Upon cracking the code to get in the door, they were astonished to see Captain America beating the living snot out of a company of COBRA Troopers and technicians. Dazed and delirious, the Captain thought he'd been resuscitated into a world where the Nazis had won the war. Enraged with defiant fury, he actually flung his shield at Duke and struck him down with a concussion before being convinced that the Joes were American soldiers and that the Allies had won after all.

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