It's the Gung-Ho head (with the goatee taken off) from that worthless fig with the quilted blue vest and laughably stubby arms. Same for the legs, but the torso and arms are from a COILS fig. I gave him some bbi hands and boots to fix the sucky ones the parts came with.

After a series of scathing investigative exposes by both Lois Lane and Ben Urich, it was revealed that LexCorp's holdings were far less than Lex Luthor had reported them to be. He'd been siphoning off billions into pet projects to discredit or kill Superman, not to mention all the other heroes.

Faking his own death while riding in his limo to a press conference to tell "his side of the story", Luthor went underground, along with his senior research staff since they were all aware that he was cooking the books. He hung his accounting staff out to dry and serve prison time in his stead.

After a year's time, Luthor emerged as head of a new consortium of black market scientists and technicians willing to sell their services to anyone capable of paying their fees - Advanced Idea Mechanics, A.I.M. for short.

As many of today's costumed criminals are inheritors of their equipment by one method or another and thus unfamiliar with how their specialized gear actually operates, A.I.M. will help you clean the Spider-webbing out of your Atomic Cannon, or get the Batarang out of your mechanical tentacles, or even scratchbuild you a Quark Resonance Emitter. Many such criminals are so indebted to A.I.M. that they've sold themselves permanently into Luthor's service as "The Legion of Doom".

"Whatever you need, we A.I.M. to please!" is their motto.

In the beginning years of CoBRA, CoBRA Commander frequently contracted A.I.M. for various projects, until Luthor's Chief Biologist talked to the Commander in private about how much money CoBRA could save by having a permanent staff of such individuals at their beck-and-call. This would also serve the interests of the Chief Biologist as he'd grown to hate Luthor's preening arrogance and brutality. Little did Dr. Mindbender, as he afterwards called himself, know that CoBRA Commander would be no better an employer.

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